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Robin Wesley Productions is a music production company established in Almelo, The Netherlands. Since february 2012, we have built a foundation out of collaborating with artists, producers, bands and independent record lables within The Netherlands.

In attempt to spread our music troughout the world, we started of Robinwesleyinstrumentals.com to provide our music and services to the worldwide music industry.

After starting of Robin Wesley Productions as a music production company in 2012, we now introduce you to Robin Wesley’s Producer team. Three producers, with all different styles, combined their skills to become a global digital supplier of instrumental music in genres from pop/rock to hiphop, R&B, gfunk and westcoast sounds.

Our music production team provides music to upcoming artists all over the world. Our musical creations are to be seen as ‘radio-ready’ beats, as well as live material for bands and live performances.We offer high quality music for low prices to any artist out there establishing their name in the music industry.

The team exists out of music producers Vebgosa, Chryzis and Robin Wesley himself. As being parttime musicians in live bands in the Dutch music industry, we have the knowledge and years of experience in music and still going. Unique in our kind, we are one of few who still create, base and built our musical arrangements with real instruments.

From simple distribution of leases, to exclusives and custom exclusive projects, we act to become a global music production company providing high quality musical products to artists all over the world.


Chris Maurice Schwartze is a 20-year old music producer, songwriter and designer. Chris created his own unique style in music. His main genre is Hiphop and R&B. With his emotional deep and creative sounds he acts to create musical arrangements in which artists can identify themselves.

Robin Wesley - CEO

Robin Wesley, CEO and owner of Robin Wesley Productions, is a 22-year old keyboard player, musician, songwriter and music producer. With musical knowledge, piano playing skills and an ear for commercial music as his key ingredients, he creates a commercial sound which applies to artists in the pop, pop/rock, R&B and hiphop genre.


Vebgosa’s music productions are in the Gfunk/Westcoast genre. His beats and instrumentals are smooth, groovy, layed-back and relaxed. Because of his great knowledge in music, his instrumentals always consist a high dose of true musicality.

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