5 Tips for buying beats online (From the artist perspective)

5 Tips for buying beats online

Have you ever been buying beats online, without knowing what user-rights you actually have? 

Did you ever feel like these online producers just can’t be serious!? 

Finally found that perfect beat after hours of searching and spent all night writing a potential hit song. Then you go to the producer’s website the next day only to find the following words;

“This Beat is SOLD!”

I’m a producer in the same line of business, but luckily (for you) I’ve been on your side of the pond as well.

Yes, that’s right! I used to call myself an artist and I had this crazy fantasy of becoming a successful artist. Sounds familiar?

I used to spend hours on Soundclick.com to search for that right track. And when I found it, I downloaded the free version (with tags and all) and recorded the next day. I wasn’t even buying the beats online! (Oops.. bad example🙊)

So without knowing a thing about mixing and mastering, I bounced the track to an MP3 (In low bit-rate so that it wouldn’t take too much space on my 128MB MP3 Player) and let all my friends hear it the next day. What do you think their response was?

Okay enough, let’s get back on topic and give you these tips for buying beats online.


1. Go to the Producer’s own website (even if it’s Soundclick!!)

So, you want to start buying beats online for your new project(s) and you finally found that heat on, for example, YouTube or Soundcloud. (Soundclick is not mentioned because it’s slowly dying)

STOP!! Don’t you even start writing a single word!

Make sure the beat is still available. You really don’t want to know how many times I have had to disappoint a good artist by telling him or her that the beat is no longer available. If your record is really good, that’s messed up for both of us.

Also, check if the site is ‘alive.’ I have everything running on auto-pilot so when I’m away for a month everything still runs smoothly. Not all producers are fortunate to have such an automated system. Simply send an email saying that you want to BUY. If the site is alive, you’ll see how fast they are to respond.

By the way: I’ve read some articles from producers about this topic and the tips they have for buying beats online and somehow they claim you should not buy from Soundclick pages. Wow, what’s that about? If the producer’s website is a Soundclick page it really doesn’t mean he or she is not trustworthy.

Just make sure you use PayPal when you’re buying beats online. You can always open up a claim if a producer is not sending you the audio you have purchased. (HA-HA!💡 Another tip)

2. Don’t buy the MP3 Leases if you consider yourself an Artist!

Like I mentioned, I used to use crappy MP3 formatted tagged files. Since you’re looking into buying beats online instead of downloading them for free, it tells that you’re serious about your craft.

MP3’s are low quality and you can really tell the difference when you start mastering the final track. Ask any audio engineer you know.

Major Labels and A&R’s are constantly searching the online community for potential superstar artists. Even if you wrote a killer hook, recorded beautiful harmonies and have created a potential Billboard charting track, when the audio is crap they fast forward to the next track even before they come to that hook.

Tracked-Out leases are the best option because they (usually) include the raw files from the production project and haven’t been limited or compressed. Unfortunately, this is not always in everyone’s budget.

In that case; Go for the WAV instead.

3. Know your rights for both exclusive and non-exclusive licenses

This is pretty obvious, but still, I want to address 1 particular subject. You probably know about all the producers having these nice overviews with what comes with a particular license and what not. Don’t be fooled!


Everyone who sets up some kind of a contract has small print added somewhere and trust me (or better yet.. don’t trust me. Just trust no one!) it’s not going to be all up in your face while browsing through the site.

If you don’t know the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive, here’s an article I wrote that will help you understand better.

It’s called “Beat Licensing Explained; Exclusive or Non-Exclusive”

4. The Online Beat Market is vague, keep your eyes and ears open!

Wow, I said it.. But it’s true! Finding and buying beats online is just too damn easy. You can find whatever you like and there are 100.000’s of producers out there that have created 1.000.000’s of beats for artists worldwide. But..


Have you ever came across a producer who sells Exclusive OWNERSHIP for $50? I bet you do..

Those are the kind of producers who are in it for the fast money. They are selling you all the rights and that is just plain stupid of them, but also a dangerous person to be doing business with for you.


People who are driven by money and by money only are the ones who can’t be trusted.

Whenever you’re doing business with an online producer, especially when it comes to Exclusive Rights, make sure you have all the paperwork reviewed before making payment.

Check out all the details and make sure you get a signed copy from the producer once you’ve made the purchase.

This is not a strange thing to ask and if the producer is trustworthy he will do that for sure. But when he starts acting all weird about it, it’s in your best interest to get out as fast as you can.

I’m not saying that this is typical for all producers who sell $50 exclusives of course! Just know who you are dealing with.

5. Bulk Deals – The Golden Tip (Producer World inside-information right here👇🏽)

Okay, so say that you went on a producer’s website and you found 3 or 4 beats that you really like, but your budget only allows you to purchase 2 right now. “Oh well, I’ll just come back later when I get my paycheck and purchase them then.”

You’re super excited about it and can’t wait to purchase them and make some hits.

Okay okay, catch your breath and take a moment, because DUDE (or girl)


Producers have Bulk Deals going on all the time. Like, buy 1 get 2 free for example.

You really don’t want to know on how many occasions artists purchased 3 licenses from my site while they could have gotten 5 instead. They just didn’t see the advertisement to add 2 more to their cart for free.

I know how hyped you can be while you’re in your zone vibing to those beats. Trust me, I get it! You can’t wait to drop your magic on it but “come on!” Don’t let 2 Free Beats go to waste because of that.

So now for the Golden Tip; What if the producer doesn’t have a Bulk deal going on?


Us producers are ALWAYS in to make a deal. Just tell him that you found 4 beats, but can’t afford to buy them all right now. Ask if he got any deals going on right now or anytime soon and if he would consider selling 4 for the price of 2.

You will probably get a response like;”No, but I can do 4 for the price of 3.”

BOOM!! You just got yourself 1 FREE license! 

It does depend on how high the total price of your order will be. Producers are most likely to make a deal if the total amount that you are offering is anywhere above $50. Just make an offer he can’t refuse.

Try it and you’ll see that it really works!

That’s it, guys!

These tips I gave you all came from my personal experiences as both an artist and producer.

Once again; Finding the right music for your project(s) online is becoming far too easy. You just have to know what you’re doing and understand a little about the basics before you start buying beats online.

If you have any questions about this, let me know and I’ll help you out with it!

Good luck on your Journey through music. You’ll need it.. 😈**evil laugh**

Nah just kidding! Keep it fun and keep doing it for the love of music. Do that and you’ll see the opportunities crossing your path shortly.