Instrumental Beats: “Top 5 sites to find music for your next project!”

Top 5 sites for instrumental music

Type in “Instrumental Beats” on Google and you’ll get approximately 450.000 results. The internet is swamped with online producers who make beats and sell it from their websites. And I get it!

It’s super easy to create music these days and put it on a website. Social media makes it possible for producers to reach out to 10.000’s of artists without having to spend a dollar on advertising. Imagine the number of people they can reach out to when they throw in a couple bucks for advertising.

But what about the Artists? 

It’s 2017 and even though there are so many producers and 100.000’s of instrumental beats to find online the artists are




The struggle of spending hours on that ‘vibe-killing’ search for the perfect beat. Having to go over 200 instrumentals before finding one they actually like and is of good quality.

With the enormous growth of online producers, came an enormous growth of low-quality, not inspiring and boring new instrumental beats.

After doing some research among a few hundred of my email subscribers and followers, I put together a list of the most popular websites to find instrumental beats. Whether you’re a new artist or have already spent years on the web looking for instrumentals for your music projects.

These are the most popular websites where producers hang out in 2017 and where you are most likely to find what you’re looking for.

To speed up the process of finding quality music, I’ve also included some helpful filtering tips for some platforms.


5 sites to find instrumental beats for your next project

Instrumental beats at Google

Search results: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ – Quality:⭐⭐⭐⭐☆


Of course, Google will give you 100.000’s of search results, but this will also include blog posts, video’s from YouTube or outdated forum discussions.

You might be surprised that I gave Google only 3 stars on search results. However, this is not all Google’s fault!

A lot of producers are, what I call, lazy. (No disrespect!)

They will affiliate with an already existing platform, rather than invest money in building their own website. In fact, a lot of producers on Soundclick or YouTube don’t even have an own website.

For those who do make enough money to create an own website presumably have good quality material.

You will find the most popular producers on the first 3-4 pages of Google.

Filter tips:

  • Narrow the search by searching for specific genres. Like, ‘R&B Instrumental Beats’ or ‘Hip hop Beats’
  • Add ‘2017’ to your search to show the most recent instrumental beats. Like, ‘R&B Instrumental Beats 2017’

Instrumental beats at YouTube

Search results: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆   Quality:⭐⭐⭐☆☆


There’s a battle going on in ‘Producer World’ right now. Where Soundclick previously was the standard for selling instrumental beats online, the power of YouTube is now overruling Soundclick’s status. Producers are fighting to get on page 1 for the most popular keywords.

When YouTube becomes the standard for producers, this will automatically bring along low- or less-talented producers. This makes it hard to come across good quality instrumental beats. Luckily, YouTube knows you probably better than you know yourself.

YouTube has the largest visiting count per day and is constantly updating their algorithm. They use the most advanced techniques to show you high-quality results while browsing their site.

For example; When you search for ‘R&B Instrumental Beats,’ YouTube keeps track of that. The next time you visit the site, they will show you recommended video’s based on your latest activities.

So every recently uploaded video that is related to ‘R&B Instrumental Beats’ or popular video’s about ‘R&B Instrumental Beats’ will be recommended to you by YouTube.  

Oh yeah, even when you dislike an instrumental you come across, YouTube will make sure not to recommend another video of that same producer to you in the future. Pretty cool, right?

YouTube does not allow you to filter results by Genre or mood, so use these filter tips to narrow down the search.

Filter tips:

  • Search for your favourite ‘Artist type beat.’ If you’re a fan of Chris Brown. Search for ‘Chris Brown Type Beat.’ 
  • Add ‘2017’ to your search to show the most recent instrumental beats. Like, ‘Chris Brown Type Beat 2017’
  • Add a mood to a genre. Like, ‘Hard Hip hop Beats,’ ‘Smooth R&B Instrumental beats’ or ‘Emotional R&B Beats’

Instrumental beats at Soundclick

Search results: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Quality:⭐⭐☆☆☆ is probably ‘THE” website to search for instrumental beats, but I’ve mentioned it before; I’m NOT a fan!🙊

Their site hasn’t been updated since 1999 or something like that. It just became the standard years back and it has made quite the name online back in the day.

Every ‘new producer’ starts out on Soundclick. (So did I, to be honest!)

There are a lot of instrumental beats up there, but a lot of them lack quality.

“It’s not all that bad!”

In order to find the best quality music, you should check out the Top 50 beats in the ‘Beats/Instrumental Charts.’ 

Producers get in the Instrumental Charts by paying for advertising. Presumably, they make enough money to buy these advertisements so they probably have good enough music for artists to decide to buy it.

The website is pretty easy to navigate through and you can browse by different genre from the homepage.


Instrumental beats at Soundcloud


Search results: ⭐☆☆☆☆  Quality:⭐⭐☆☆☆



When I search for instrumental beats on Soundcloud, I always seem to run across the same results.

While Soundcloud is a major platform for (unsigned) artists, they do not really offer filtered search results for specific keywords.

For example, they have different charts on their site. For all musical genres. But not one for instrumental music.

It’s hard finding something that you like up there, and there’s no filter option to show results sorted by upload date. Only by uploaded ‘Past Week’ or ‘Past Month.’

Don’t waste time searching for instrumental beats up there. There are far better platforms to find what you’re looking for.

Instrumental beats at BeatStars



Search results: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆   Quality:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is really starting to make a name for themselves when it comes to bringing artists and producers together. They’ve created a platform on which collaborating is made super easy. Producers can upload their instrumentals up there and monetize their content through them, while artists can upload their songs up there and do the same.

The functions and services offered for producers are really good and a lot of the online producers will probably sign up with soon.

Which makes it THE website for artists to shop around for new instrumental beats.

While it’s still in the process of optimising their systems, the navigation functions are incredible. They know the problems artists are struggling with and have some very cool features to make it easy to find music for your next projects.

You can search by Genre, Subgenre, Mood, Beats with chorus and BPM.

When you go up to a producer’s profile you can even open up a writing tab where you can write down lyrics that pop into mind while listening to a beat. LOL that’s just crazy.

Also, you can make an offer on the Exclusive Rights to a beat instantly from a producer’s profile.

Recently, BeatStars asked their users to invest in BeatStars to further optimise their systems and hire more personnel and they’ve managed to raise over $150.000 in funds.

I consider BeatStars a website sort of like SoundClick, but 50 times better and with ongoing optimisations to make life easier for both artists and producers. In a few years, they will probably be the ‘Go-To’ site for instrumental beats.

3 stars for the search results because at this time they are still in development. A lot of good music to find up there, but many producers are still affiliated with other companies and websites. They’ll switch over soon, I’m pretty sure.

Let’s summarise the results!

Top 5 Sites with most search results 


Top 5 sites to easily find quality instrumental beats you’re looking for


What do you think of this list? Are we missing a site at this point? Let me know in the comments below.

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