K Michelle & Chris Brown Type Beat


BPM: 117

Back in 2014 when I first started promoting and selling my music online, my online business blew up all because of 1 instrumental.

The title of that smooth R&B instrumental was “Backseat Lover” 

Before I dropped it, I had this strange feeling. You know, like when you recorded a new track and really feel that this could get really big?

I knew it had the potential to get big, yet I released it anyway.

Then, a month later, 2 people came up to me telling me about placement opportunities. They already submitted the track to major A&R’s and they were liking it. A LOT! 

They offered it to artists like Keyshia Cole, Boyz2Men and Jagged Edge and they were all excited about it. (so they said)

Unfortunately, that instrumental was downloaded 6.439 times in the first month. I sold over 280 leases to it in total and guess what .. 


With this new track I’m about to introduce to you. I have that same feeling. Fortunately, I now have enough music in my catalogue to be submitting to the majors AND deliver the same quality of music to you! 

Producer: Robin Wesley

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