When I lease a beat:”What if it blows up!?”

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  1. “What happens when I lease a beat and the song I made with it blows up?”
  2. “What happens to the other people that licensed that same beat?”
  3. “What if I lease a beat today and the producer sells the exclusive rights tomorrow. How will that effect my song potential?
  4. “I leased a beat and the song blew up, but some other artist has the exclusive rights.”

Number 1-3 are the exact questions that I get asked A LOT.

Number 4 is the Ultimate Dream + Worst Case Scenario artists could think of. The possibility of this specific situation to occur is very unlikely if you handle your business the right way. Still, I’ll go into the subject, as you would probably want to know the answer.

“What happens when I lease a beat and the song I made blows up?”

When I mentioned that situation number 4 is very unlikely to occur, I wasn’t talking about the whole ‘blowing up’ part of it. I was talking about that to happen along with the situation of the exclusive rights being sold.

In my case;

When you lease a beat from me, I’ll always follow up on any artist that makes a purchase from my store. I really am interested in the music you’re creating and you can expect e-mails from me looking to hear the final result of your song.

I also do this to see if there are any potential hit records out there.

If a song is about to blow up, I’m well aware of it and we can start negotiating a deal. If a record label is interested, I can hold on to the exclusive rights and go into negotiations with them.

If a producer (online) doesn’t have the same approach as me. Simply fill him in yourself!

Let him hear the track and keep him up-to-date with everything that’s going on around the release of your song.

So, “what happens when I lease a beat and it blows up?”


You’re probably going to need one too since you’re near exhausting the terms in your license agreement. Otherwise, the exploitation of the song is limited to the user-rights you get when you lease a beat. You will need the exclusive rights to exploit it without limits in term or territory of use.

“What happens to the other people that licensed that same beat?”

So, you’re song blew up. Great! You got the exclusive rights from the Producer. Awesome!

“Now what happens to the other people that have a license to that same beat?”

Actually, nothing ..

Their licenses will still be valid till they’ve exhausted their sales limit or the duration of the term has expired. Non-exclusive licenses are limited to a certain amount of user-rights or a limit of time. An Exclusive license, however, is not.

“What if I lease a beat today and the producer sells the exclusive rights tomorrow. How will that effect my song potential?”

It has become very easy to find your music online, but when you lease a beat, it’s serious business. You buy a license for copyrighted material that has the potential of becoming something big for an artist one day. Either with your song or someone else’s song to that same beat.

Read your licenses and make sure you fully understand what the user-rights mean.

So, the short answer to your question: “How will that effect my song potential?”

It will not!

You already know the song potential as soon as you purchase a license. Since the rights granted to you in the license agreement limits your usage.

The exclusive rights owner knows this too and he’s fully aware of the artists that licensed the beat before him. In fact, this is a term in the Exclusive contract that he has to agree upon before getting the exclusive rights.

It will become a different story when you overstep the potential (exhaust the user-rights). If that’s the case, we’ll move forward to the next subject.

“I leased a beat and the song blew up, but some other artist has the exclusive rights.”

I’m not going to try and sweet-talk my way out of this. If this situation would occur to me, I would bang my head against the wall until I knocked myself out. Then do it again, till I don’t remember what happened.

In my case, I find it hard to believe that this situation would occur to me since I’m very close to my customers (in terms of following up on all purchases made from my site). I’m also not that guy that sells exclusive rights to every artist that comes up to me with a bag of money.  I need to see (hear) the potential first.

Similar situations did occur with artists like Trey Songz, T.I. and Slim Jesus and I assume it must have been a real mess to sort out.

I don’t have any experience with these situations, but I can tell you how to do your best to avoid it.

  • Buy the exclusive rights! (n.a. if you don’t have the money)
  • Buy the lease to get the producer’s attention
  • Ask for a payment plan and offer a down payment
  • Get close with the producer. Reach out often and send updates about the song – Show him the potential!
  • Ask if he would consider holding on to the rights (not easy, if you don’t have anything to offer)

Like I mentioned before, my way of working is very personal but a lot of producers don’t handle things like I do. You don’t have to make a purchase from my site in order to get my attention, but I know that it can really help getting noticed by other producers who may have that ‘turn-your-life-around’ beat in their hands.

If you’re reading this to determine whether to lease a beat or buy the exclusive rights

Okay, this might be a little confronting to some of you and I’m probably bursting a few bubbles too, but please look at your current situation as an artist and ask yourself if you’re on that level that your song could actually ‘Blow Up!?’

  • If you did a show locally, would (or have) more than 100 people show(ed) up?
  • If you released a mixtape online for free, would (or have) more than 500 people download(ed) it?
  • Have you been featured on at least three music blogs (Not run by people who were friends with you personally before you put out music?)
  • Do you have a manager, agent, or lawyer who’s doing some legwork to help your career, or have people approached you about managing you?

I’m asking you these question so that you can calculate what the chances are of your song(s) to ‘Blow up?’

Don’t let the ‘Dream’ trick you in spending too much money on the wrong things. Prioritise your moves and re-evaluate your latest releases. Keep developing your craft and build up a following with actual fans of your music. Create and release new music on a regular base.

When that ‘blow up’ is getting near, you’ll feel it. Trust me!


Over to you fam

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