License Upgrade

...Ready to go the next level?

If you're currently on an MP3, Basic or Premium license, you can use the form below to upgrade you license to a higher one. 

You will only pay the difference between your current license and the license you want to upgrade to. 

You can upgrade at any given moment, as long as the instrumental has not been sold exclusively. 

After we've received your request, we will validate your initial order and send you an instant purchase link to upgrade your license. 

Upgrade prices

MP3 to Basic - $10

MP3 to Basic - $10

MP3 to Premium - $60

MP3 to Unlimited - $120

Basic to Premium - $50

Basic to Unlimited - $110

Premium to Unlimited - $60

      Please note:

      • You can upgrade max. 4 beats at a time. 
      • It is not possible to downgrade your license.
      • The prices above represent the difference between the standard licensing prices. They are not negotiable.
      • License upgrades are not included in any special deals or bulk deals. 
      • Coupon codes do not apply on license upgrades
      This service is temporarily unavailable. If you wish to upgrade your license, please contact [email protected]