That Feeling – R&B Trap Beat

R&B Instrumental That Feeling artwork

So the other day when I was working on this R&B Trap Beat, I uploaded a video on Instagram. Then overnight something happened..

So guess what.. The other day I posted a video on Instagram playing the piano over this new R&B Trap beat, just before I left the studio.

I left, got in my car, came home went straight to bed.. Exhausted! So, I woke up the next day and my Instagram BLEW UP overnight. And so did my mailbox.

I got over 400 likes on IG, FB & Twitter, 71 comments total and 34 emails from people who wanted to buy that track.

I only have around 3.000 IG followers, so this happening overnight is pretty cool right? 😎 

Here is the end-result.. Is has that 2017 R&B Trap Beat type sound. I bet you’re going to like this!

Listen here!


Track title: “That Feeling”
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