The simplest way to get fans as an Artist. 100% guaranteed results!

Before I tell you about this simple way to get fans as an artist. Here’s a list of artists I put together.

The Weekend

Charlie Puth

Shawn Mendes

Tori Kelly

Justin Bieber 

“What do all these names have in common?”

..They all started out on YouTube!

YouTube is the #1 platform for musicians, producers, and aspiring artists. A serious number of today’s superstars started their music careers on YouTube and the website has over a ‘BILLION’ users right now.

That’s a nice audience to showcase your music to, right?

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring artists make is not acknowledging the power of YouTube. The second big mistake is not knowing how to use it properly. (Actually, that can also be a result of not having the right information you need to get started.)

Some of my YouTube channel statistics: 

  • 15.000+ subscribers (growing fast)
  • Average of 50.000 views per uploaded video
  • Approximately 8.000 views per day
  • Over 3.500.000 views total

All in less than 2 years.

I know I’m speaking from a producer’s point of view, but it works basically the same for artists.

The simplest way to get fans as an artist!

Let’s go back to that list again. What do all these (youtube) artists have in common, besides big houses, fast cars and lots, lots, LOTS of money?

They all messed around with Selena Gomez? “Hmm, probably but no..”


“They all.. did.. COVERS!”

If you’re a rap/hip hop artist, I probably lost your attention but don’t be too quick to leave this article. I GOT YOU!👊🏽

Covering popular songs and posting them on YouTube, Instagram, and other social channels is THE way to get fans as an artist.

With all the people who are browsing on YouTube and searching for hashtags on social media, you are simply lifting on the hype of the popular artist.

So what if you aren’t a singer? For example a rapper.


Make your own version and post it on YouTube. Naming it;

“Drake – Fake Love REMIX Ft. [your artist name]”

Check out this dude remixing Desiigner – Panda and get millions of views;

Trending topics & Timing

Covering popular songs is 100% guaranteed a good way to get fans as an artist, but in order to get the results you’re looking for you have to be very much up-to-date with what’s going on in the music industry.

Let me show you how I used trending topics and timing in my line of business. The most crowded and competitive ‘Beats & Instrumentals’ niche. (Ughh how did I end up here..😩)

Take a look at this screenshot from my YouTube channel:

example how to get fans as an artist

Notice that I changed my strategy mid-November and how I almost tripled my view count per day about a month later. This growth all came from 1 video.

I noticed a popular YouTube artist, named August Alsina. (Ironically, also became famous through YouTube)

He was announcing big things and an official album release was coming up. The date was set and with a little searching on Google, I found the entire track list.

On the day that the album was officially released, I uploaded an instrumental of myself in August Alsina’s R&B style naming it:

“August Alsina Type Beat” – R&B Instrumental x “Numb” (Prod. by Robin Wesley)” 

By choosing the right keywords, my video popped up in the same results as if you were searching for August Alsina New Music 

He created quite the buzz for himself, and obviously, I lifted on his hype. Artists were digging that type of style and started to search for August Alsina Type Beats.

And that’s how I ended popping up on anything related to August Alsina, beats, instrumentals, R&B etc.

Now translating it to your situation

Say you’re an R&B singer and you’ve noticed a popular artist announcing a new album.

  1. Look up the release date
  2. Listen to the samples they share on pre-order sites.
  3. Be ready to record your own version.
  4. Upload it as fast as you can as soon as the album drops

Same goes for single releases or music video’s released by major artist.

Be part of the hype!

THE PROBLEM: I can’t find the instrumental track (!)

This is a problem for a lot of YouTubers (even the big ones) so there’s an opportunity for you.


Simply record it acapella. (only vocals, no music)

This works very well on social channels, such as Instagram and Snapchat, but it works on YouTube as well.

Don’t sit around waiting for an instrumental version to come online. Join the hype!

What about hip hop artists? 

Yeah, it’s not really cool to drop a rap verse without music, right? Luckily, the online producer world is filled with hip hop producers (waaaay too many in my opinion) but it usually doesn’t take long before someone re-creates a popular track.

Be on the look out and follow specific producers who do a lot of re-creating instrumentals.


Team up with a producer. If you’re an aspiring artist and you have the potential the becoming BIG. Out of the 100.000’s of producers online, there must be 1 of them willing to work with you.


Acoustic versions are the best!

Look at this dude right here:
Trap Queen – Fetty Wap – Piano Cover ft. Josh Levi, KHS

If you have the people in your network who can play the piano or guitar, an acoustic version of a popular track always works really well.

Got it?

Due to my online music business, I come across a lot of artists.

Unfortunately, they are missing out on a lot of important information necessary on their journey to becoming an Artist.

If you are new to what I have just introduced to you, trust me when I say that this can make a world of difference in growing your follower base. Just take a look at the example (superstar) artists I listed at the top of this article.

They started out the same way you did. “What makes you any different?”

They are all talented, dedicated, and hard-working people.


It’s a long road with no shortcuts, just a lot of signs and track marks.

The road to success is right in front of you ..

Make sure you keep following the right directions!