Custom Beats

Produced by Robin Wesley

“Taking your music to the Next Level!”

Let’s work!

Imagine you have that perfect song in your head ..

“How are you going to get it out there?”

Finding music that exactly matches your preferences is very unlikely

and when you do find it..

At least 50 other people probably use that same piece of music too!

I can solve that problem for you!

Robin Wesley Music Producer

Hey there!

My name is Robin Wesley and I’m a Professional Music Producer, Musical Director and Musician.

Over the years I’ve produced hundreds of tracks. I have worked with artists from all over the world and my music has been licensed thousands of times in the last 4 years.

I’m also a Live Musician, performing in 60-80 shows per year and have recently produced a 2,5 hour Live Show as Musical Director for Black Tie Monkey Squad.

Thank you for showing interest in my Custom Beats service.

Allow me to explain what it is exactly that I’m offering.


Not just a Custom Beat..


Custom Beat

A custom made instrumental based on your wishes.

Exclusive License

Your personal potential hit song comes with an Exclusive License signed by Robin Wesley.

Live Tracks

Get ready to jump the stage! Live Performance tracks specifically arranged and mixed for use in Live Shows.

1 Hour Skype Call

Schedule a Skype call before you jump in the booth. Get feedback on your lyrics and songwriting and tips on recording Vocals.

1-On-1 Workflow

The old school way! Instead of just making a beat for you, I will guide you through the entire process of song production.

Mixing & Mastering

The final stage of your song production. Record your vocals and send them back to get them professionally mixed and mastered.

Submit anything!

  • Reference Tracks

    Submit anything related to what you want your song to sound like

  • Acapella Tracks

    Send vocal tracks and I’ll create a new instrumental around it

  • Recent Track(s)

    Let me hear your previous tracks and I’ll make sure the key of the song will fit your vocal range

  • Specific Key of the Track

    Are you a singer that knows in which key your voice sounds best? Let me know the key!

  • Unfinished Demo's

    Already created a demo? Send it over and I’ll upgrade the production



Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t like the samples? No problem! 100% refund. No hard feelings.

Pay Safe with PayPal

All cards accepted. MasterCard, American Express, VISA, Discover etc.

  • Submit Request and Wait for Approval

    Slots are limited and I like to choose who I work with. You’ll be notified by email within 24 hours.

  • $50 Sample Fee

    The unfortunate necessary step to block out people who want to waste my time.

  • Receive Sample(s)

    4 day turn around time. If you don’t like the sample(s) you can issue a refund or request a new sample.

  • Make a Down Payment of 50%

    A down payment of 50% is required to start the production.

  • Production Process

    Let’s go! Beatmaking, songwriting, recording and back and forth communication about the project.

  • Final Payment of 50%

    The final payment of 50% is required once the Music Production (the instrumental) is ready.

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Wether you choose to use this service right away or later. It’s included in the price!

  • Project Complete!

    Setting up the paperwork for the Exclusive License and transferring all audio files. (Master Recording, Live Tracks, Tracked Out Stems etc.)

1-On-1 Workflow

– THIS is how we work 1-on-1 –

Google Drive

Free access to my Google Drive folder to keep our project organized.


Updates through email, chat, iMessage or WhatsApp.


1 Hour Skype Call to prepare you for your recording session.


Unlimited revisions until we are both satisfied with the end-result!


Why I’m offering Custom Beats

After 4 years of working online with artists from all over the world, I started noticing the struggles that they run into.

After doing some research among my website visitors I discovered similarities in what they defined as their biggest struggles.


As you can see, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Finding good (instrumental) music seem to be the biggest struggles they are facing.

I have produced a lot of custom beats in the past, but after seeing these results I knew simply making a beat for artists wouldn’t help them further in their career.

They need someone to guide them trough the entire process of producing a song.

After all, that is what a “Producer”is supposed to do, right?



Custom Beats



  • Custom Beat

    Based on your wishes

  • Exclusive License

    Signed by Robin Wesley

  • Limited Revisions

    Max. 5 Revisions during the Production Process

  • Live Tracks

  • 1-on-1 Workflow

  • 1 Hour Skype Call

  • Mixing & Mastering


By submitting a request you agree to the Terms of Service

Custom Beats



  • Custom Beat

    Based on your wishes

  • Exclusive License

    Signed by Robin Wesley

  • Unlimited Revisions

    During the production process

  • Live Tracks

    Arranged & Mixed for Live Shows

  • 1-On-1 Workflow

    Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

  • 1 Hour Skype Call

    To get you ready for Recording

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Finalizing the production


By submitting a request you agree to the Terms of Service

Do you still have questions about this service?

YES, Get me in touch with Robin Wesley