The Definitive Guide to Selling Beats Online

Definitive guide selling beats

For the past 3 years, I’ve been able to make a living from music. I’ve been selling beats since 2013 and it took me a few years to turn my hobby into a profitable business and live the life that I’m living today.

Even though I’m extremely grateful for the artists that purchase my music every day, I’ve always known that I won’t be selling beats for the rest of my life.

Don’t get me wrong… I will always be making music. And I have absolutely no intention to stop making beats anytime soon.

But I am always looking out for new adventures and business opportunities.

That’s why we recently started Urban Masterclass. A community and educational platform designed for Urban artists, songwriters and producers that help them turn their hobby’s into profitable businesses.

Last year, we created Zero To Radio Ready. A music course for urban artists and songwriters.

This year we’ve kicked off our producer program. Starting with The Definitive Guide To Selling Beats Online – the most thorough and comprehensive guide to selling beats online. Followed up by The Constant Conversion Strategy. A producer marketing masterclass teaching you all you need to know about running an online business selling beats. 

If you’re a producer that wants to make a living from selling beats as well. You should read this guide.

If you’re a producer that wants to make a living from selling beats, you should check out The Definitive Guide To Selling Beats Online!

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